Linkfest – Nov 03 2006

Here’s a roundup of the news articles, weblogs and just-plain-cool websites I’ve been visiting recently and think are worth sharing.

Redefining Content Management

Argues for Content Management solutions that are at once simple, flexible, and customized. Hear hear.

The Rise of Flash Video

A fascinating history of Flash video, and how it has come to dominate the online video marketplace.

The Rise of Flash Video Part 2

The second installment, focusing on the technical how-to.

Designer Meet Programmer

What an awesome idea – a community website designed to introduce programmers to designers, and vice versa.

Layout Gala

More CSS layout templates than you can shake a stick at.

Phallic Logo Awards

File under “what the hell were they thinking?”

IE7 – Were they ready?

Despite months of warning and three beta releases of IE7, it seems like a number of the world’s largest companies hadn’t gotten around to testing that their websites worked in Microsoft’s new browser.