Been a long time

So you might have noticed it’s been quite a while since I last posted on this blog. There are a couple of reasons for the hiatus, but foremost is the fact that I’ve gotten back into producing music again. By comparison, spending my spare time blogging about my job seems kind of spirit sapping. However I don’t want to throw in the towel just like that. I intend to keep posting articles to Pixel Acres, but with less regularity. Hopefully the reduction in quantity will also equate to an increase in quality. I won’t be tripping over myself to make sure I post to Pixel Acres every single week, and will only write on topics that get me fired up. Basically I no longer want to feel like a slave to my blog – after all I started Pixel Acres because I thought it would be fun, not a chore. I hope that my regular readers (if I still have any left!) will stick around to see what I come up with.

7 thoughts on “Been a long time

  1. Well you have at least one loyal reader, me :D

  2. Jordan says:

    Make that two.

  3. StrontiumHog says:

    Kreepin up to 3! :)

    Will you post any of your musical productions?

  4. Eddie Truman says:

    And a third.
    It’s a shame, posts were always informative.
    Best of luck in all your creative endeavours.

  5. pixelnoni says:

    great job, and even greater if you enjoy it!
    Good luck with your musical productions!

  6. Ephram Zerb says:

    I’m a big fan of taking my sweet time in regards to updating my blog. At one point, someone had to redact and qualify their statement about me blogging (“well, he kind of has a blog”), because of how infrequently I post.

    Changing to a more impressionist or meta approach might make posting much easier and more fun. As much as I threaten to do it myself, I can’t avoid overly-produced claptraps that take forever to write.

    As a show of solidarity for all infrequent posters out there (and as a support of your great blog in particular), I’ll be sticking around for sure.

  7. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for all the support guys! I took my sweet time doing so, but I have finally updated the site with a new post.

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