FormBuilder updated to v1.5

It’s been almost exactly four years since I updated my FormBuilder PHP class, but believe it or not I have been slowly modifying and improving the class during the intervening years. I figured it was high time I rolled those improvements into the public version of the class, so here’s what’s new in version 1.5 of FormBuilder:

  • Better handling of checkbox results in the emailResults method.
  • A custom form submit URL can be passed to the FormBuilder constructor. Useful when using FormBuilder in an environment that is performing URL rewriting.
  • Replaced deprecated ergei functions with preg_match.
  • Checkbox field types are correctly processed when field is not mandatory, and the user didn’t check any of the available options.
  • Added new field type: file (for file uploads). Note that files are currently not emailed when using the emailResults method. Any handling of the uploaded files should be accomplished manually by accessing PHP’s $_Files array.
  • The textbox and textarea field types now accept an optional defaultvalue parameter.
  • Fixed a bug that meant checkboxes had a CSS class of ‘fbheckbox’ instead of ‘fbcheckbox’.

If you encounter any problems with the new version please let me know.