The Web Designer’s Bookshelf

I have just launched a new personal project called The Web Designer’s Bookshelf, which is a curated archive of articles about web and interface design.


Here’s the blurb:

As an industry we are obsessed with technical implementation. We write endlessly about front-end processes or the latest CSS and JavaScript techniques, but by focussing so much of our attention on technical concerns we have squeezed design issues out of the conversation.

The Web Designer’s Bookshelf is my attempt to rectify this imbalance. The site is an archive of articles that examine the history and craft of web and interface design, and related design disciplines, in a critical and thought provoking fashion.

Unlike technical articles, which date quickly, writing about design principles tends to have a longer shelf life. My hope is that the articles collected here will be of lasting interest to designers of all persuasions, and contribute to an ongoing conversation about the interactive design discipline.

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