Ouch, my head just exploded

Remember the Max Headroom pilot, in which hyper-fast subliminal advertisements called ‘blip-verts’ caused viewers’ heads to explode? Well, that’s how I feel after absorbing 5000 web 2.0 logos in 333 seconds. Anyone get the feeling the world might have enough web apps already?

5 thoughts on “Ouch, my head just exploded

  1. Yes I agree….

    btw the time you have found one to use, signed up, learnt how to use it you could have already done it :)

  2. Just reading the opening paragraph from your RSS feed I knew I had to come here and comment. I agree with you completely. I recently signed up to Mashable’s RSS feed and after about a week and a half I am thinking of stopping it. There are just way to many “Web 2.0” web applications that almost all do the same thing. Not much stands out anymore.

  3. James says:

    Mwah… I couldn’t stand any longer than 45% of the way through…

    Please! No more!

  4. Sam says:

    Needs more symphony, timing the logo to appear choreographed to music for dramatic appeal.

  5. Lochie says:

    Ha ha, I swear I’ve seen the Google logo around 10 times now.

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