Monokai theme for phpDesigner

Last year I created a port of the Monokai syntax highlighting theme for phpDesigner and posted it in the phpDesigner forums, but I think it deserves a proper home so I’m archiving it here on Pixel Acres.

PHP example:

HTML example:

CSS example:

JavaScript example:

I’m not sure who designed the Monokai theme originally, but it has cropped up in Textmate, Notepad++, Sublime – where it is the default colour scheme – and no doubt a bunch of other editors as well.

My version of Monokai is based on a Notepad++ theme, but I have standardised the color of variables (green) and symbols (white) across all the languages.

I don’t actually use phpDesigner much these days – I’ve jumped ship for Aptana Studio 3 – but I still think it is a great code editor, and hopefully someone out there will get some use from my theme.


Download Monokai theme for phpDesigner

Installation and uninstallation instructions are included with the theme. The theme has syntax highlighting colors for the four languages I work with: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.


There is currently a bug in phpDesigner that sometimes causes the ‘separator’ colors to revert to their defaults (e.g. the color of tags reverts to black). The only sure-fire way to get things back to normal is to open the phpDesigner preferences dialog, and click ‘OK’.

Apparently this bug will be fixed in the next release of phpDesigner (yay!).

3 thoughts on “Monokai theme for phpDesigner

  1. upadrian says:

    Great theme. I will try to port to SQL sintax and post it here.

  2. Andrew says:

    Very good theme i was using it on notepad++. And now it’s ported to phpDesigner and i can use it there thanks.

  3. rey says:

    im using the latest version of phpdesigner 7.2.5, i will try this one. version 8 is coming.

    thank you.

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